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Retail Forward says that its Future Spending Index suggests that December should be a good month – the December index comes in at 97.3, up from 96.8 in November and the highest level since September. The index showed increases in up-market and down-market households, with only “modest” slippage for middle-market homes.

"The key underlying theme in this month's results is the sustained recovery in job security from the hurricane-induced jitters," said Steve Spiwak, an economist with Retail Forward. "That positive trend means retailers can expect shoppers to continue opening their wallets during the all-important December shopping month."

Shoppers plan to spend $671 on average during the holidays, according to Retail Forward.
KC's View:
We don’t mean to be cynical on this issue, but…

If spending expectations didn’t go up in December, wouldn’t that mean that we’d be in, like, a new Great Depression?