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• Published reports say that Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal - spurred on by studies by the University of Illinois suggesting that Wal-Mart falls short of “federal standards for accurate pricing” – plans to launch his own investigation into the retailer’s pricing practices.

"This data shows serious discrepancies between the prices posted and the amounts actually charged -- meriting prompt investigation -- because Wal-Mart has a legal obligation to be always accurate, not always low," Blumenthal said. "Nothing is more fundamental to fair pricing than keeping promises about prices. Consumers should be spared a sweepstakes system when they come to the cash register. They deserve reliable, rock-solid price guarantees. The price they are given should be the price they are charged.”
KC's View:
When you think of Richard Blumenthal, imagine a hungry dog with a hunk of raw meat. Not to mention a dog that likes to gnaw at the meat while in the brightest possible spotlight.

Not a source of much consolation if you are the meat.