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Whole Foods has released its annual Trend Tracker, looking at organic consumption habits of Americans.

The report says that “Americans are buying organic foods and beverages for a variety of reasons. The top three are: avoidance of pesticides (70.3 percent), freshness (68.3 percent), and health and nutrition (67.1 percent). More than half (55 percent) buy organic to avoid genetically modified foods. Also, more than half of all respondents agree that organic foods and beverages are ‘better for my health’ (52.8 percent) and better for the environment (52.4 percent).”

According to the study, the main barrier to organic consumption “continues to be price; almost three-quarters (74.6 percent) of respondents said the price of organic food and beverages is the main reason for not consuming more. Other reasons Americans are not consuming more organics, according to the survey, include: availability (46.1 percent) and loyalty to non-organic brands (36.7 percent).”
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