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  • Advertising Age reports that actually is outperforming in two important areas – sales growth and average transaction.

    According to a study by comScore Media Metrix, the average transaction for users is $151, compared with $59 at

    And,’s sales in 2004 were up 25 percent to $756 million, compared to’s eight percent sales growth to $782 million. disputes the numbers and says that its 2005 sales growth is expected to be significantly higher.

  • A new study by says that “Cyber Monday,” the Monday following Thanksgiving weekend, is turning into the Internet’s version of “Black Friday,” the day after Thanksgiving, when it comes to an explosion of holiday shopping. Seventy-seven percent of online retailers say that they seen a significant spike in sales on “Cyber Monday.”

    The biggest winners on “Cyber Monday” last year, according to the study – online jewelry/luxury retailers (89 percent said they saw big sales increases on that day) food and beverages (up 83 percent) and furniture (up 80 percent).

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