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Bankrupt Atkins Nutritionals has, in a filing with the court overseeing its financial affairs, said that it plans to transition into being “a functional food marketer -- offering great-tasting, nutritionally superior Atkins Advantage bars and ready-to-drink shakes to the broad adult population of active men and women seeking to improve their overall health and wellness.” This is, the company notes, a move away from being as company that educates consumers about the benefits of a controlled-carbohydrate diet.

To support its new focus on portable, convenient and nutritious food products, Atkins Nutritionals said that it “has streamlined its offerings to focus on the successful Atkins Advantage line of nutrition bars and shakes, which are packed with essential nutrients – high protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, low sugar and no trans fats,” as well as “improved the taste, freshness and overall quality of its products.”

Mark S. Rodriguez, president/CEO of the company, says that “the new Atkins Advantage line represents an uncompromising commitment to quality, nutrition and taste, and will be embraced by consumers making smart food choices.”
KC's View:
The good news for Atkins – and we, suspect, for consumers – in this approach is that the company is moving away from what essentially was a fad and is moving toward a broader, more holistic approach to health and nutrition.

Anytime you can take a more comprehensive and contextual approach to business – as opposed to just trying to cash in on a trend – it makes sense.