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Wal-Mart has announced that its 550-unit Sam’s Club division will open unusually early on the day after Thanksgiving this year (commonly known as “Black Friday” among retailers) – at 5 am, offering free breakfast to members.

This move is contrary to past years when Sam’s opened at its usual hours - 7 am for business-class members and 10 am for regular members. The company says it will offer a blitz of specials that day as a way of driving holiday sales; Wal-Mart got a lot of criticism last year when its sales in the post-Thanksgiving period were less than expected.

Meanwhile, Target Stores announced that it will offer its shoppers a free, customized wake-up call from a lineup of celebrities on both the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. Customers can go to Target’s website and ask for both a “tuck in” call reminding them to go to bed and a wake-up call to get them out of bed and into shopping mode.
KC's View:
Our plans for Black Friday…when MNB will be taking the day off.

We’re sleeping late. Going for a jog. Making our own breakfast. And staying as far away from retailing establishments as possible.