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  • Lebensmittel Zeitung reports that the new president of Wal-Mart’s German operations, David Wild, has been charged with shaking things up there so that the troubled operation actually is in a position to make an appropriate acquisition down the line, and to expand beyond the hypermarket format that it currently operates there.

  • The Financial Times reports that Wal-Mart is considering the testing of kiosks that would allow customers to digitally download movies onto DVDs – and would, in essence, allow the retailer to replace or reduce the space given to DVD departments in its stores. Consumers would be able to step into the booth, choose from a wide selection of films, and in a matter of minutes could walk away with the movie on a disc.

    "We're exploring all different types of distribution mechanisms to the customer," said David Porter, a vice-president at Wal-Mart, tells FT. "There have been discussions with most of the studios."

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