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Good piece in the Washington Post about how people are using the Google search engine to make themselves something to eat.

Not that Google actually does the cooking for you, though doubtless someone out in Silicon Valley is trying to figure out how to make that happen. Rather, the search engine allows you to type in any combination of ingredients as well as the word “recipe,” after which it instantaneously works its way through thousands of food-oriented websites to come up with recipe suggestions.

The Post writes: “Therein lies the appeal of Google cooking: It helps you build a meal from bottom up (vs. recipe down), while also purging your kitchen of languishing edibles, aging produce and meats, or overstocked perishables (i.e., that crate of pineapples bought impulsively during a Hawaiian vacation).”
KC's View:
This strikes us as pure, unmitigated genius…and we can’t wait to try it. Not only is it a functional approach to cooking, it sounds like fun.

It also sounds like something to which food retailers could provide access via their own websites. Or, they could hold contests for the most unusual and tasty Googled recipes.

Just fun. The industry could use more of that.