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  • Published reports say that Michigan-based food retailer Felpausch has signed a deal with Spartan Stores to source its floral and produce through the wholesaler. Spartan has been Felpausch’s mainline grocery wholesaler for some five decades, but this new deal means that Spartan will be the retailer’s only wholesale source of product.

  • Published reports say that Wisconsin-based Woodman’s Food Markets plans to bring a 237,000 square foot store to the Milwaukee area – its first in the vicinity, and likely the first of three it plans to build there.

    Construction is expected to begin a year from now, with building to take at least a year.

  • Former Pathmark CEO Eileen Scott, who left the company earlier this year after a 40 percent stake in the chain was acquired by Yucaipa Cos., is slated to receive $1.3 million in severance over a period of two years, plus the title to the company car she used during her tenure at Pathmark.

    However, she has to pay the premiums in order to keep her health insurance for the next two years.

  • In a unanimous decision that was its first since the installation of Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., the US Supreme Court ruled that companies must pay employees not just for the time it takes for them to put on protective clothing and gear before working, but also for the time it takes for them to walk from the place where they don the garb to the place where they work.

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