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Newsweek has as its cover story this week a piece entitled “Ready Or Not, Boomers Turn 60.”

Nice piece. Nothing surprising or shocking, but nicely done.

The best part of it, however, is a short essay by comedian Albert Brooks (writer/director/star of “Defending Your Life,” still one of the funniest and cosmically accurate movies ever made). Brooks writes that he is less impressed by his generation than other people – perhaps because baby boomers have proven themselves so adept at selling out.

“It’s not that we didn’t try,” he writes. “We did. We actually had the system by the throat for a whole minute. But the system won. The system doesn’t get tired, or get arrested, or have screaming children who need things. The system is patient. It held up houses and cars and boats and we said, ‘We don’t need that!’ And the system said, ‘I’ll wait. And while I’m waiting I might even get bigger, just for the fun of it.’ And damn it, when the drugs wore off and the love wasn’t free anymore, those houses and cards started to look good.”
KC's View:
As we said, cosmically accurate.

By the way, Brooks’ next movie is entitled, “Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World.”

Can’t wait.