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The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that a new concentrated form of Dr Pepper syrup – made from sugar and not corn syrup – is driving new sales at a number of fast food franchises using the formula. And now, Albertsons is getting into the act by stocking eight-ounce bottles of Dr Pepper made with the same syrup.

“Almost all carbonated soda bottling companies replaced sugar with less-expensive corn syrup in the 1970s, but the Dublin (Texas) bottler, about 90 miles southwest of Fort Worth, never switched,” the Star-Telegram reports. “The problem for the cultish following of Dublin Dr Pepper drinkers has been finding the stuff.

“Not only is the Dublin bottling company the smallest of Dr Pepper's bottlers, churning out 250,000 cases a year, it has a distribution range of only about 40 miles. That means Fort Worth-area residents are normally in for a road trip if they want to get the drink.”
KC's View:
Our assumption, not having tasted this formula, is that the reason people like this product is that it tastes 1) better and 2) more distinctive.

Probably a good lesson for all manufacturers and retailers.

The lowest common denominator approach isn’t always the best one. In fact, it’ll often only inspire lowest common denominator brand loyalty, which may not be worth having at all.