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Hannaford Bros. Co. announced today that it has launched a new program to help consumers easily identify gluten- and dairy-free products in its stores.

The program includes expanding the selection of foods, identifying the location of products in the stores with special signs, providing in-store brochures listing products, and posting the product list on the Hannaford web site.

“We know that dairy and gluten intolerance and allergies make healthy eating a challenge for many people,” said Hannaford Spokesperson Caren Epstein. “This program is designed to help our customers identify those products that can meet their nutritional needs.”

Epstein said that Hannaford reached out to support groups for people living with gluten and dairy dietary restrictions and also spoke with nutritionists and other medical professionals. Hannaford also spoke with customers who purchase gluten- and dairy-free products. “Their recommendations helped shape this program,” she said.

Epstein noted that as product offerings change, information would be updated on the web site. And, Epstein said that the company is looking at implementing additional programs designed to help customers make food choices to meet their lifestyles. Details of those programs will be announced shortly.
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