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The Wall Street Journal reports that California-based Micro Analytical Systems Inc. has developed a testing procedure that will allow seafood suppliers to effectively measure mercury levels in fish – a concern because of warnings that mercury in fish can harm unborn children if the pregnant woman eats too much of it.

However, some government officials say that such a system could create a warning system that would create undue worries about seafood safety.

"The danger is that if you start labeling everything with mercury levels, there will be a concern that mercury is a bigger deal than it actually is, and all segments of the population will say 'I just don't want to take the risk,' " David Acheson, a food-safety director for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), tells the WSJ. "Then they'll miss out on a healthy food."
KC's View:
Here’s what we don’t understand.

How come providing information is seen as negative?

It is the same question we ask when we read that the government won’t allow meat manufacturers to test their own products for mad cow disease and then market them as being free of the infection. The argument seems to be that such information will create needless fears among consumers.

We don’t get it.