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  • Pathmark Stores announced today that it has introduced on-line shopping for two of its stores, with a third store scheduled to follow shortly.

    The fee for on-line shopping is $10.00 per order. All items available in the store can be ordered on-line, with the exception of prescription drugs. Manufacturers coupons can be used via on-line shopping and the Pathmark Advantage Club loyalty offerings will also apply.

    Pathmark Senior Vice President of Advertising, Grant McLoughlin said, "We are excited about the opportunity to provide our customers with on-line shopping. This offering gives the customer who is constrained by time another option to traditional supermarket shopping, enabling them to devote the timesavings to another aspect of their lives. Our improved website provides visitors a quick and efficient means to access information they desire. Pathmark's goal is to react to the needs of our customers and we believe that both the on-line shopping program as well as the website improvements address many issues relevant to today's shopper.”

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