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  • The Seattle Times reports that “Shock Coffee has introduced the energy drink of the coffee world — brewed and canned coffee products that contain roughly 50 percent more caffeine than the average cuppa joe.”

    And, the Times writes, “Coffee People in Portland sells Black Tiger-branded coffee, a brew it claims to have 30 percent more caffeine than traditional brands.”

    It is all part of a shift toward hyper-caffeinated products that seems to be occurring that seems to have a special appeal to younger consumers.

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer writes that “tea is making a major comeback in the United States,” that “sales of loose tea have tripled in the last decade, developing into a $500-million-a-year business,” and that “there are now more than 1,500 tearooms nationwide, including dozens of tea and scone shops that have opened in Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs in the last few years.”

KC's View:
We were in Boston over the weekend for our son’s Family Weekend at Dean College, and were surprised to see a number of Starbucks-style tearooms in various locations.

Clearly there’s something happening here. And that it is happening where the Boston Tea Party took place – among other places, of course – is just a great irony.

Judging by some the bleary eyes we saw wandering around the campus, by the way, some Shock Coffee might have been in order.