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  • US District Judge Robert Sweet has ruled that the plaintiffs in a lawsuit charging that McDonald’s Corp. contributed to the obesity of two teenagers must show more specifics to back up their case.

    According to the judge, the plaintiffs have to demonstrate which McDonald’s commercials specifically misled them about the fast feeder’s nutritional profile, plus show a specific connection between their extra pounds and the company’s foods.

    The suit already has been tossed out of court twice, though the US Second Circuit Court of Appeals called on the District Court to reconsider parts of the allegations.

  • Sara Lee Corp. announced yesterday that it will sell its US retail coffee business, which makes such brands as Hills Bros. and Chock full o'Nuts, to Italy's Segafredo Zanetti Group for $82.5 million in cash.

  • Nation’s Restaurant News reports that McDonald’s-owned Boston Market is testing a new format in the Chicago suburb of River Forest that is part-upscale gourmet retail market, featuring only limited seating. The unit not only carries takeout food from the chain’s kitchens, but also packaged goods not generally carried by Boston Market.

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