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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the Coca-Cola Co. is “taking another whack at marketing Coke Zero — with new television commercials, a Wal-Mart promotion and "a school vending blitz.”

Coke Zero is a diet drink that is designed to taste more like Coke Classic, though consumers seemed to be confused about the difference between it and the other diet colas made and marketed by the company.

In addition, there seems to be some dispute about how well Coke Zero is doing. Analysts say it is performing below expectations, but Coca-Cola executives say it is actually doing better than expected. “Either way,” the Journal-Constitution writes, “the company now seems more heavily committed to the product, which executives have said they are treating as a mega-brand along the lines of Coke and Diet Coke.”
KC's View:
Coke may want the world to sing in perfect harmony about Coke Zero, but it increasingly sounds like some of the notes are off-key.

Some of the stories we read were unclear about exactly which schools Coke might be planning to target with its “school vending blitz.” We hope that the company is careful about not getting too young with this promotional approach; after all, it could create some ill will because of all the attention being paid to the childhood obesity and nutrition issue.