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Advertising Age reports on a new study saying that US workers will in total spend the equivalent of more than a half-million years reading online web logs, or “blogs,” as they are popularly known.

This number is based on an analysis suggesting that one out of four workers, or about 35 million employees, spends an average of 3.5 hours a week visiting blogs. That translates to about nine percent of the work week engaged in doing something other than working.
KC's View:
We have a couple of reactions to this, especially since some people think of MNB as a blog…

One is that time spent on blogs is not necessarily a waste of time. Depends on the blog. A good blog can stimulate thought, provide perspective and context, expose the reader to new ideas and concepts. In most work environments, that’s considered to be a good thing.

However, we also think that it is incumbent on the blogger to be responsible about how much time is required to read the material being posted. From the beginning when we launched MNB, we wanted it to be a quick enough read that people could peruse it while having their morning coffee. Some mornings we are less successful at that than others, but that’s the goal.