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The Tampa Tribune reports that Publix Super Markets’ experiment in Hispanic marketing, Publix Sabor, seems to be thriving, though the company will not disclose financial information after six months of testing.

The company has two Sabor units – one in Kissimmee, the other in Hialeah.

The Tribune writes that “what was clear during a tour of the store this week is that Publix Sabor appeared to have the hallmarks of a mainstream Publix supermarket. Those include wide aisles, a pharmacy and Publix's familiar green accents -- but with some Hispanic flair. For example, store employees aren't required to know Spanish, but most tend to be bilingual, Publix spokeswoman Maria Brous said.

“Publix Sabor stocks huge 20-pound bags of rice, as well as 3-liter bottles of olive oil, neither of which are standard in other Publix stores, Brous said. Also, some of Publix Sabor's meats may seem odd to shoppers of traditional Publix stores, such as grouper heads at the seafood counter and 3-pound cow tongues in the meat case.

Not only does Publix not comment on the stores’ performance, but it also will not lay out a timetable for expansion of the concept.
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