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In the UK, the enormous London department store Harrods has announced that it will test a convenience concept called Harrods 102, with a first unit opening next February opposite the company’s giant Knightsbridge flagship.

The goal of the unit is to sell some of the same specialty foods that are sold in Harrods’ famed food halls, but in a smaller location that will be open from seven in the morning until eleven in the evening; in addition to convenience-packaged gourmet foods, there also will be some traditional convenience items such as coffee, tea – and perhaps even a sit-down café.

The Independent reports that the new store also will include an "oxygen spa" will sell stressed shoppers 10-minute blasts of high-concentration oxygen from masks.

If the format works, Harrods is expected to roll it out in other appropriate locations.
KC's View:
We’ve always said that retailers have to be where the customer wants them to be, when the customers wants them to be, how the customer wants them to be, and with the products that the customer wants at a price the customer deems appropriate.

No reason why Harrods should be excluded from this approach to business.