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The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that Virginia-based Ukrop’s is hosting this week a meeting of “80 representatives from 40 independent grocery chains across the United States and Canada. The group toured local stores and the company's central commissary. For Ukrop's, it was a way to share knowledge and learn from other small, independent chains.”

Company CEO Bobby Ukrop says that the event is a way to help other independent grocers thrive in a competitive environment that is, to say the least, hostile to small companies. Ukrop’s is held up as a model of marketing moxie because it has been able to continue to grow despite the competition.
KC's View:
Ukrop’s grows because it has smart people at the top, smart people in the stores, and a smart philosophy of creating differentiated stores and treating its people like they are critical assets in the retailing experience.

Which makes Ukrop’s not just uncommon, but uncommonly wise.