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Reuters reports that Tesco, believing that consumers are feeling the pinch because of the growing cost of gasoline, is embarking on an aggressive biofuels strategy that it believes will differentiate it in the marketplace.

The company has reformulated its unleaded gasoline to include five percent biofuel, and plans to extend the mix to both high performance and diesel fuels by early next year.
KC's View:
Glad to see someone has an energy policy. We concur with the New York Times columnist Tom Friedman on this one – the US doesn’t have an energy policy, has never had a real energy policy, and ought to make the development of alternative energies that will make us independent of foreign nations the Manhattan Project of this generation.

Just giving oil companies tax breaks isn’t an energy policy.

This whole biofuels thing is fascinating. We saw a TV piece the other day about how Willie Nelson runs his cars and tour bus on some kind of vegetable oil…and in fact is starting up a small business in Texas that will try and popularize the concept.

We’ve got to do something. Because it is nuts to keep depending on something that is, by its very nature, a finite resource.