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The Wall Street Journal reports that the California Milk Processor Board is changing its tune and no longer will plug the beverage as a source of calcium in its advertising.

The reason? Stephen James, chairman of California Milk Processor Board, tells the WSJ that "calcium has become common currency. Today, calcium is everyone's panacea."

In other words, when something stops being a differential advantage, it is time to find another approach.
KC's View:
While we haven’t seen it, we love the idea for the new milk ad – which has a new anchor talking about a fictitious baseball player being suspended after testing positive for a "performance enhancing substance" that "helps rebuilds muscles and maintain bone strength." The suspicious substance, the newscaster reveals, is milk.

Pretty funny.

Though apparently major league baseball doesn’t think so.

To which we would suggest that when the leaders of major league baseball develop an anti-steroids policy that has real teeth, we’ll begin to take seriously their criticism of what other parties say and do.