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The Chicago Sun-Times reports that in the latest version of its “Priceless” advertising campaign, MasterCard is for the first time allowing another brand to share the spotlight – using McDonald’s to talk about the convenience of its PayPass technology.

PayPass is a contactless, high-speed payment technology that uses magnetic stripes and radio frequency technology to process transactions. Not only does the commercial stress ease of use, but also availability – McDonald’s has PayPass installations in some 9,000 of its restaurants.
KC's View:
The commercial sounds great, and the technology certainly is worth promoting. But we can’t help thinking of another ad that could be run…

Using cash to buy things: no extra cost.

Using a MasterCard or Visa debit card for those same purchases: the cost of an arm and a leg.

Getting screwed because of exorbitant transaction fees fixed by Visa and MasterCard: priceless.