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The Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA) has released two reports that it says “provide a blueprint for improving sales in the CPG industry with a renewed focus on the consumer.”

• GMA’s "Winning with Customers to Drive Real Results: The 2005 Customer and Channel Management Survey" tracks the CPG industry’s performance in six areas: pricing, trade promotion, in-store execution, organization/go-to-market, key account and channel management, and supply chain. Notably, the survey concluded that companies need to better utilize the point-of-sale data available to them to gain insight into changing consumer demand and to act.

• GMA also released "Enabling Growth Through Center Store Revitalization," which examines the vital role of center store sales for the industry. According to the study, center store contributes significantly to retailers’ bottom lines, with profit margins of 6.8 percent compared to 2.6 percent for overall grocery store margins. However, with many retailers focusing on perimeter sales as a means of differentiation, the report urges manufacturers and retailers to develop strategies focusing on the center store as a foundation for improved sales.
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