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For some reason, I’ve had a number of emails this week asking about why I use the editorial “we” in MNB, except in this space on Fridays. Not sure why a bunch of people asked the same question almost at the same time, but I’m certainly happy to answer.

I originally started using “we” when I launched MNB because “I” just seemed too egocentric…it wasn’t false modesty (something I’ve never been accused of), nor was it a desire to make MNB seem bigger than it is. I just thought it sounded better.

The fact is, the same question got raised sometime in the first year of operation, and I actually ran a completely unscientific poll, asking people to tell me what they liked. The final result was that “we” won. Though not by much. (And the fact is that MNB’s usership grows by between 75 and 100 people every week, so this is a community in which there are a lot of fresh eyes and opinions.)

I’m certainly willing to revisit the decision, if there seems to be an outpouring of opinion that “I” is better or at least less distracting than “we.” (However, I imagine that most of you have a lot more important things to worry about than what pronouns I use.)

In the matter of pronouns, you tell me. “I” or “we.”

Have a good weekend. Sláinte!!
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