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Nice piece in the Marin Independent Journal about Mollie Stone’s, the northern California independent supermarket chain with eight stores that offers “a mix of staple and organic foods with a generous helping of friendly customer service.”

Co-owner Mike Stone describes the stores’ appeal this way: "I think we were way ahead of the trend in incorporating regular daily foods with passion shopping - the organics, the specialty foods that we carry. It is the best of both worlds.

"We are on the cutting edge, giving the newest products to customers and suiting the palates of most people in the neighborhoods we serve."
KC's View:
Worth noting because Mollie Stone’s has defined for itself and its shoppers a specific niche that ownership believes it can exploit better than anyone else, and a specific target customer that it feels it can satisfy better than anyone else.

Nothing mainstream or middle of the road about it.

Which works for us. Because to our mind, the mainstream is where you go to drown, and the middle of the road is where you find roadkill.