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There are numerous press reports this morning about the statement by Royal Ahold CEO Anders Moberg that the company may be interested in acquiring parts of Albertsons, though he said that he wasn’t interesting in buying the whole company and has had no contact with Albertsons CEO Larry Johnston.

The statement by Moberg came as Ahold revealed that its various divestments will generate more than $3 billion (US) by the end of the year.

Ahold also announced the successful acquisition of 56 stores in the Czech Republic from Julius Meinl.
KC's View:
It is healthy for the industry as a whole if Ahold, which has been reeling from financial scandals, is suddenly back playing offense after years of playing defense.

It makes sense not to buy the whole of Albertsons, since it would create come competitive issues. And the wisdom of the deal certainly depends on which pieces Ahold might be interested in.

But we wonder if pieces of Albertsons make the most sense if Ahold really is going to get aggressive. Might there not be better choices – like, say, Wild Oats, which actually would provide Ahold with a company offering a differential advantage, as opposed to a mainstream retailer slugging it out with Wal-Mart on the same turf?

Just wondering.