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The Irish Times reports on another indication that new ownership means changes at Superquinn.

For reasons that will become clear in a moment, we’d like to quote the actual Irish Times story:

“Superquinn the grocery chain acquired by Select Retail Holdings earlier this year for €420m, is to close its head office function in Sutton as the new owners move to reduce overheads. Between 60 and 70 jobs will be affected by the closure, although it is not clear how many will be shed.

“Sutton’s functions will transfer to Lucan, one of four head offices that Superquinn currently operates in Dublin. Simon Burke, the group’s new executive chairman, is thought to want to consolidate all back office activities at one location. The supermarket in Sutton will be unaffected.

“Sutton was home to the offices of Feargal Quinn, Superquinn’s founder, and his team of executives. It also houses a team of buyers. Superquinn also has head office functions at its flagship store in Blackrock and at its distribution centre in Blanchardstown.”
KC's View:
The reason we wanted to quote this story was because of the use of the term “head office.” We’re hoping that is the term being used by the Irish Times and not the new owners of Superquinn…because under the old ownership and management, the use of that term would result in a small but meaningful fine.

It’s never been a “head office” at Superquinn. It’s always been the “support office,” with the clear understanding that the people there were charged with supporting the really important people in the company – the people working in the stores.

We hope this is still the case. We’re sure that it is; after all, Feargal Quinn remains with the company even if he longer is the owner and chairman.

But it certainly suggests that even in company like Superquinn with a legendary culture, the challenge of remaining true to core values is a battle that never ends, an achievement that is never reached. It is something that has to be restated and renewed every day, no matter who the owners and what the competitive challenges of the moment.