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Published reports say that students at two high schools in Pennsylvania have staged or are planning to stage protests over the food being served in the lunchroom.

No, they’re not objecting to the questionable quality and/or nutritional value of the cuisine. Rather, they’re upset about the fact that the greasy food of past years has been replaced by healthier, more nutritious foods.

At these schools, it’s been goodbye, cheeseburgers and fries… and hello, Chinese pineapple chicken. And the students aren’t happy, staging boycotts of the cafeteria that resulted in less than half the usual number of lunches being sold.

"We’re not interested in good nutrition," one of the teens was quoted as telling the local media. "We’re teens."
KC's View:
On the other hand, we’re adults who happen to be parents and teachers, and it our job to make sure that our kids don’t eat crap.

So there.

While we’re sympathetic to these kids and certainly respect they’re right to protest, it is somehow sad that the best they can find to protest about is the quality of the cafeteria cuisine.

Back in the old days, we used to protest important stuff, like Vietnam and Nixon.

Which somehow, even in retrospect, seems more important than the lack of cheeseburgers in the cafeteria.

George Bernard Shaw was right. Youth is wasted on the young.