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  • It isn’t quite trading baseball cards. But it’s close.

    Carrefour and Tesco announced this morning an asset swap that will have Carrefour selling its 15 Czech and Slovak hypermarkets to Tesco for the equivalent of $228 million (US), while acquiring Tesco’s six hypermarkets and two future sites in Taiwan for $159 million (US).

    The deal gives Tesco a total of 70 stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and Carrefour more than 40 hypermarkets in Taiwan.

  • The Chicago Sun Times reports that McDonald’s management may be reconsidering its plan to introduce a line of deli sandwiches at its fast food joints nationwide. It has stopped its test marketing of the line in Virginia, the paper reports and “is considering cutting back or eliminating the product in four other markets.” The reason: the sandwich line isn’t profitable.

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