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The Chicago Sun Times reports this morning that city officials in Chicago have wrapped up a two-month investigation into the sale by independent grocers there of out-of-date products. “Consumers wondering how fresh the food is on the shelves of Chicago's independent grocery and convenience stores are in for a rude wakening,” the paper reports.

“One hundred stores were visited by Consumer Services investigators posing as shoppers -- two randomly selected in each of the city's 50 wards -- and violations were found at 71 of those locations. Eighty-five citations were issued with 569 individual counts. They triggered $145,000 in judgments against the offending stores.”

The Sun-Times reports that 80 percent of the citations were for the sale of outdated merchandise.
KC's View:
This is an enormous issue, and we have to take it seriously.

A friend of ours was on a plane the other day and bought one of those lunch boxes they’re selling, and found that there were products inside that were months past their sell-by date. Months.

When he brought it to the flight attendant’s attention, she told him that airline management had said that the dates don’t really matter and not to worry about it.

There are an awful lot of people out there who don’t take this stuff seriously. We have to.