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NamNews reports that Tesco is using new heat sensor technology to tell shoppers which checkouts have the shortest lines.

Apparently, the company is testing the technology at a few stores, with heat sensors mounted above the checkout lanes that can tell how many people are on line. The more people on line, the higher the heat level – and a panel above the checkout lane displays the information, which can be used by consumers to choose a shorter line.

Tesco reportedly is saying that the technology is cutting the checkout wait times.
KC's View:
This sounds more like retail theater than anything else. After all, can’t the consumer just look to see how many people are waiting, and then choose the shortest line.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with retail theater. If consumers like it, and it creates a point of differentiation for Tesco, then why not?

However, if they’re going to invest in heat-related technology, we’d rather see something that shocks people with 11 items who get into the 10-item-or-less lane.

Now that would be progress.