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Down in Florida, the Times-Union reports that an unusual occurrence took place last July – Publix gained market share in the northeastern part of the state, apparently at the expense of Wal-Mart.

How? Publix “continues to enforce and capitalize on its strategy to focus on customer service, cleanliness and quality, as well as its accessibility with 41 area stores,” the paper reports.

Ironically, this took place as Winn-Dixie was grappling with bankruptcy, and Albertsons was selling off stores in advance of its decision to put the company up for sale – and both Winn-Dixie and Albertsons had market shares that held steady during the month.

The shifting market share battle, then, was between the service-oriented Publix and the price-driven Wal-Mart.
KC's View:
Publix’s advantage is that it presents a clear image that stands in contrast to its competitors.

But this battle will get only more pitched, as Wal-Mart compensates and aggressively markets itself…and Publix responds.