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The Boston Business Journal writes about a new retailing trend called de-malling, the “transforming the retail landscape by integrating shopping centers into neighborhoods rather than walling them off from nearby residents.”

The trend is exemplified by the Assembly Square mall in Somerville, Mass., just outside Boston, according to the Journal. “Under the redevelopment plan, the mostly vacant mall interior is being de-malled -- demolished and turned inside out, putting the pedestrian flow outside the building on the street. The old boutique stores that once filled the mall will be replaced with big-box retailers. Another 50,000 square feet of smaller retail shops and restaurants will be built along a tree-lined Main Street in front of the mall.”
KC's View:
Anything that better connects retailers to communities is a good thing. We’ve never liked malls, and would always prefer options that somehow seem more organic and appropriate.

We may have to take a drive up to Somerville to check this place out when it is done.