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New York-based Price Chopper announced that it is joining with the National Center of Addiction & Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University, TVLand and Nick at Nite to promote ‘Family Day’, a national effort dedicated to encouraging families to share dinner and conversation on Monday, September 26, 2005.

In support of a national goal to inspire 10 million participants to register their commitment, the 110-store chain of 110 stores is encouraging its customers and more than 23,000 associates to sign up for ‘Family Day’ via the chain’s website. Those who register there will automatically be entered in a drawing to win $100 in Price Chopper groceries.

Price Chopper also designed a full-color, 4-page wrap around its weekly circular endorsing the event and featuring recipes and family meal suggestions.

The effort is tied to recent studies showing that eating together has proven to have a significant impact on child behavior, and that kids who eat with their families frequently tend to get better grades and are less likely to smoke, drink or use drugs.
KC's View:
Good for Price Chopper.

The food industry as a whole should be endorsing this kind of effort and tying many of its marketing efforts around the idea that just one more family dinner a month can move the cultural needle in a positive direction.

Not only is it good for families and the culture, by the way, but it also would be terrific for business.

Just one meal a month. We’ve been saying this for years.

We’ve made a lot of mistakes in our 19 years of parenting. But if we’ve done one thing right, it is that our kids will be able to say that we had dinner as a family every night of the week. It just isn’t optional for them – they have to be at the dinner table. (Sure there are exceptions, and we’ve missed plenty of dinners because of travels. But one of us is always there to eat with the kids.)