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Late next month, Whole Foods reportedly will open a new 2,000 square foot “lifestyle” store featuring clothing, housewares and other nonfoods items – all consistent with its natural/organic culture. The store will be adjacent to a Whole Foods food store in West Hollywood, California.

"The development and incorporation of Whole Foods Market Lifestyle reflects the company's founding values into other aspects of life," said Marci Frumkin, marketing director, Whole Foods Market Southern Pacific Region, in a statement. "Our core values include a commitment to sustainable agriculture, expanding the market for organic products, and utilizing wise environmental practices. The new lifestyle store is another example how Whole Foods Market leads by example within the context that the company knows best--educating consumers about organic foods, natural products, and ethical business practices."
KC's View:
May work. May not.

The meaning of leadership is when people and companies are willing to take risks and try new things.

Good for them.