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MNB reported last week that Safeway has formed a partnership with nutrition expert Dr. Dean Ornish, who will chair the company's newly formed Advisory Council on Health and Nutrition.

The company also has mentioned other health-and-nutrition oriented initiatives:

• It will put nutritional icons on its private label products that will help people make more informed purchase decisions.

• Safeway will expand its line of “Eating Right” products.

• The company will integrate natural and organic products into the mainstream aisles in its California stores.

• Safeway plans to test healthy foods at checkout that will, in some cases, replace the candy that consumers are used to finding there.
KC's View:
All smart moves. Of course, Safeway has to build this stuff into the company culture – the way that Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s do – but these are all excellent moves that are both differentiating and consumer friendly.