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The Boston Globe reports that Legal Seafood, the renowned seafood restaurant chain, is looking to expand by moving away from its traditional format.

According to the Globe, the “family-owned Boston restaurant empire no longer sees its future dependent on the sea.

“There is Legal's Test Kitchen -- one of which has opened at Logan International Airport -- serving a menu that is only 35 percent seafood and 65 percent other dishes, ranging from braised duck to mushroom ravioli. There also will be a Legal C-Bar and Grill, which will open in downtown Boston next year and feature a menu that is 75 percent seafood.”
KC's View:
While the impulse seems to make sense – expanding the menu and the kinds of restaurants that it opens is a legitimate way to grow sales – there is of course the traditional caution that has to be made in this case. After all, Legal Seafood’s expertise has always been seafood – not duck (though at least ducks swim) and not ravioli (which don’t, as far as we understand, know anything about swimming).

But we think that if the food is good, these concerns won’t be a big problem. But it has to put the food first.