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The Bradenton Herald adds to the luster of the Sweetbay story in western Florida, noting that the rebranding of Kash n’ Karry stores by Delhaize America has increased sales at converted stores by more than 40 percent – leading the company to accelerate its conversion plans.

The new stores have an expanded food focus, emphasizing local specialties and an informed employee base that can communicate food knowledge to shoppers.

The paper notes that “Delhaize has invested more than $40 million to overhaul its 100-plus Kash n' Karry locations. Each store transformation costs about $400,000.”
KC's View:
As we watch the problems unfold at Albertsons, it is great to see companies like Delhaize continue to aggressively reinvent themselves in order to be relevant for shoppers.

It is the difference between companies with leadership and companies with management.