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The Detroit Free Press reports that the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) has scheduled a second vote on a new contract that would cut wages by 10 percent – a contract defeated in a vote by unionized employees last week, but that the UFCW says is critical not just to making the company attractive to a buyer, but also to achieving some level of profitability.

The 71-store chain, owned by A&P, is said to be the subject of negotiations between A&P and unnamed suitor (though Spartan Stores is often named as a likely acquiring entity).

The UFCW said that the earlier defeat was by a small margin with a low turnout, and that it had received numerous complaints from its members asking for a new vote.
KC's View:
A new vote being requested because the voters weren’t happy with the results of the first one?

Gee. You’d think this was Florida, not Michigan.