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We’re going to take next week off, and will be back with all new editions of MNB the day after Labor Day, Tuesday, September 6.

Nothing much planned. A little rafting with the family, help Mrs. Content Guy get the kids ready for school, and maybe even get some extra sleep before the busy fall months begin. (We’ve got trips planned to everywhere from Oslo to Seattle to Barcelona to Las Vegas and back again. But more on this later…)

But since it is the last de-facto week of summer, it seemed like a good time for a little R&R.

As always, the MNB archives will be open for business, but there won’t be any new news posted on the site. (Unless, of course, something momentous happens…in which case we’ll be digging out the laptop.)

We hope you’ll bear with us for this short respite…and that you’ll rejoin the MNB community on Tuesday, 6 September…when we’ll be back – tanned, rested and ready.

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