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Wal-Mart-owned Sam’s Club announced that it is “streamlining small business purchases by launching a new office products catalog to members -- both online and in hardcopy.

According to the company, “the new office products catalog offers access to thousands of items -- from paper clips to power supplies, glue sticks to stack chairs, and credenzas to corkboards -- at the fingertips of small business owners and managers looking to cut operating costs and improve the ordering process of office supplies.”

The company recently did a survey that told it that among the top concerns of small business owners are the challenges of controlling costs (48.6 percent), managing their time effectively (35.8 percent) and increasing productivity with limited resources (26.9 percent).

"Our business members sent us a loud and clear message that, too often, they are spending much of their work day hunting frantically for the right products they need just to keep their office functions running smoothly," said Doug McMillon, SAM'S CLUB president and CEO. "By expanding our footprint and providing office supplies to our small business members -- via a physical and an online catalog -- we are sending a clear message to the marketplace that SAM'S CLUB is the ideal office supply warehouse for small business owners."
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