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I was watching “Sunday Morning Shootout” on AMC the other morning, which featured a two-part interview with one of my favorite directors, Francis Ford Coppola (“The Godfather,” “The Conversation”). He was speaking to hosts Peter Guber and Peter Bart about the philosophy behind his company, which these days is involved not just in movies, but also the wine business, hotels, resorts and restaurants. He said that the company’s mission statement (and he’d never even considered having a mission statement until he got into businesses other than the movies) consisted of a simple phrase:

“Authenticity, quality and pleasure.”

I liked that. It just seemed simple enough to understand though enormously challenging to deliver on consistently.

Once again, I had a week during which I didn’t get to the movies nearly as much as I would have liked. (I need a vacation!) But I did get to see another in this summer’s series of raunchy comedies, “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” a strictly R-rated affair starring the terrific Steve Carell in the title role. It actually is an unusual movie because in addition to the raunch, it actually is sort of sweet – it doesn’t make fun of Carell’s character as much as you think, but rather makes him the calm and oddly rational center of a chaotic and unruly group of friends. The movie works, and becomes more than the one-joke comedy you’d expect it to be.

Did have a chance to introduce my oldest son to “Deliverance” on DVD this week – and found a movie that hasn’t aged a bit in the three decades since it was made. It is just as hair-raising as those four men make their way down the river, with Jon Voight and Burt Reynolds fabulous as the leaders of the group headed into the heart of darkness. Deeply disturbing and riveting, “Deliverance” is worth getting out of the library or renting from Netflix or picking up via whatever method you prefer. It is moviemaking at its best.

Playing on the iPod as I write this: “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley, to be followed by “I Play Chicken With The Train” by Cowboy Troy.

Which may be even weirder than it sounds.

My wine of the week: a 2003 Lolonis Fume Blanc. I’m not even sure where this came from; I found the bottle in the back of a cabinet, put it on ice and served it up with crab cakes and black bean salsa.


Gonna have to get me some more of that.
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