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The Chicago Tribune writes that new legislation in Illinois has assured that “Illinois has one of the most civilized restroom-access laws in the country.”

The paper writes: “Called ‘Ally's Law,’ the unanimously supported legislation requires businesses to make employee-only restrooms available to people with irritable-bowel disorders and other medical conditions such as pregnancy and incontinence. Ally's Law makes exceptions for businesses with fewer than three employees on duty (such as gas station kiosks) and restrooms in locations that would pose an ‘obvious safety risk’ to the customer.

“No special identification cards are required, and businesses that don't cooperate could be fined $100.”
KC's View:
Well, excuse us. But we can’t imagine why any retailer of a certain size wouldn’t just have restrooms open and available for customers with medical conditions, but all customers. It just makes sense.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again.

You usually can tell a lot about a retailer from the quality and cleanliness of its rest rooms.