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Food Lion’s Bloom stores in the Charlotte, NC, market reportedly are going through a series of charges that the company hopes will make them more responsive to consumer needs.

"For more than a year, Bloom has sought customer feedback, and we've listened," said Robin Johnson, director of brand development and marketing for Bloom. "These five Bloom stores have truly been learning labs, and with our customers' input, we have worked to refine the Bloom concept." Starting Aug. 31, Bloom customers will find remodeled stores, a greater variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, more cuts of fresh meat, new fresh seafood counters, more fresh-baked breads, a broader selection of wines, and greater variety throughout the grocery aisles.

"Even though we are making some changes and will continue to make enhancements, the Bloom concept remains true; to provide a thoughtful, straightforward, hassle-free shopping experience customers will enjoy," Johnson said.

More specifically, the changes include 1) 60 percent more items in produce; 2) a wide assortment of Angus, dry-aged and all-natural beef, as well as natural pork and poultry; 3) in the bakery, more than 25 kinds of artisan and whole grain breads; 4) expanded selection of specialty cheeses; 5) new "Wine-in-Motion" displays with rotated, select wines often available on a while-supplies-last basis; and 6) the introduction of more than 1,000 gourmet and specialty food items.
KC's View:
We continue to be extremely impressed by all of the US retailers owned by Delhaize – their willingness to try new things, stretch themselves, play offense in the battle for sales and market share.

We love it when they describe Bloom as “a thoughtful, straightforward, hassle-free shopping experience customers will enjoy.”

Because they mean it.

And not many supermarkets can claim to be trying to achieve the same thing, much less accomplishing it.