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The Maryland Business Gazette reports that CVS is taking advantage of the struggles being endured by mid-Atlantic retailers such as Giant Food and Safeway by offering an expanded grocery selection.

"Giant does not have a perception of what is appealing to consumers," Peter Morici, a University of Maryland economics professor, tells the Gazette. "Neither does Safeway. I don't think Giant or Safeway can compete long term. They will continue to lose market share."

However, the paper notes, Giant and Safeway probably don’t feel the same way – and both are looking to recapture momentum through marketing programs and remodelings.
KC's View:
The lesson here is that consumers don’t say, “I’m going to the supercenter,” or “I’m going to the supermarket,” or “I’m going to the drug store.” They don’t care about format – they care about having stores that meet their needs and speak to their desires.