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The New York City Council is expected to pass today the Health Care Security Act, which would, according to the NY Daily News, “require some 300 employers to spend up to $5,000 a year for each of their workers for their health care coverage.”

While Mayor Michael Bloomberg opposes the bill and has said he is likely to veto it, the legislation has 42 sponsors – and only 34 are needed to override a veto.

While the bill is largely aimed at existing retailers that do not provide what the council deems to be appropriate insurance for employees, it also is likely that the legislation is a way for some officials to try and dissuade Wal-Mart from coming to the city.
KC's View:
Memo to the NY City Council.

This bill won’t dissuade Wal-Mart from coming to the Big Apple if it wants to. It’ll just mean that it will be sending in its team of lawyers first.

And since Wal-Mart probably has more money than you do, expect it to be a long and costly battle.