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The New York Times reports that in the wake of last week’s call by the New York City Health Department for the city’s 20,000+ restaurants to eliminate trans fats from the foods they serve, it needs to be noted that “the National Academy of Sciences, the Department of Health and Human Services, the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute and the Food and Drug Administration have all come to the same conclusion: Trans fats are on a par with saturated fats, like butter or lard. Both increase cholesterol levels and most people would be better off if they ate less of all of them. Period.”
KC's View:

But we have to admit to being confused. We thought that while saturated fats are bad, trans fats are worse.

We suspect that there may be a lot of consumers as confused as we are. If so, that’s a problem for both the food industry and government regulators – because lack of clarity isn’t good for anyone.