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In this month’s edition of XtremeRetail23, there is a fascinating report on the retail opportunities available in China.

“According to Keith Chan, Retail Industry Solutions Manager for the Greater China Group (GCG), China's retail landscape has been evolving steadily over the past two decades. Department stores are modernizing and carrying more diverse selections of merchandise, larger ‘hypermarkets’ like Wal-Mart are offering customers better service, and specialty ‘category killer’ stores are driving sales in electronics and home appliances. Stores that once closed at six in the evening are now open 24 hours a day.

"’We are starting to see the kind of retail development in China that we have been seeing in the United States for the last 50 or 60 years,’ says Chan. ‘In the old days, China had more of a government-planned economy with state-owned department stores, but modernization is opening up the country and providing consumers with an improved shopping experience.’”

And, in other stories…

  • XtremeRetail23 looks at how self-checkout, not long ago thought of as leading-edge technology, has become the rule, rather than the exception, in the American mainstream supermarket landscape…and how it has been embraced not just by the industry, but also by many shoppers.

  • There is a profile of “Blink" technology (a computer chip with a high-security level of encrypted data embedded in a credit card, debit card or key fob) and how it is making its way through the current U.S. retail landscape in rapid fashion - ideal for small-format retailer environments such as convenience stores, drug stores or fast feeders.

  • An evaluation of a study done in London in which smart card technology was used to track kids’ eating habits – revealing that, no surprise, kids like foods high in sugar and fat.

  • A look at Giant Eagle’s Fuelperks! program, which links gasoline discounts to its card-based loyalty program.

  • An article about how modern technology is changing the way parking meters function – and also how people pay to park in public facilities.

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